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NCBI: 03-AUG-2016

Summary[edit | edit source]

  • organism: Staphylococcus aureus NCTC8325
  • locus tag: SAOUHSC_01078
  • pan locus tag?: SAUPAN003356000
  • symbol: SAOUHSC_01078
  • pan gene symbol?: rpmF
  • synonym:
  • product:

Genome View[edit | edit source]

Gene[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • type: CDS
  • locus tag: SAOUHSC_01078
  • symbol: SAOUHSC_01078
  • product:
  • replicon: chromosome
  • strand: +
  • coordinates: 1041899..1042073
  • length: 174
  • essential: yes [1] DEG other strains
  • comment: The sequence of SAOUHSC_01078 was corrected based on the resequencing performed by Berscheid et al., 2012 [2].

Accession numbers[edit | edit source]

Phenotype[edit | edit source]

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DNA sequence[edit | edit source]

  • 1

Protein[edit | edit source]

Protein Data Bank: 4WCE
Protein Data Bank: 4WF9
Protein Data Bank: 4WFA
Protein Data Bank: 4WFB
Protein Data Bank: 5HKV
Protein Data Bank: 5HL7
Protein Data Bank: 5LI0
Protein Data Bank: 5ND8
Protein Data Bank: 5ND9
Protein Data Bank: 5NRG
Protein Data Bank: 5TCU

General[edit | edit source]

  • locus tag: SAOUHSC_01078
  • symbol: SAOUHSC_01078
  • description:
  • length: 57
  • theoretical pI: 10.6639
  • theoretical MW: 6484.52
  • GRAVY: -1.0614

Function[edit | edit source]

    Genetic information processing Protein synthesis Ribosomal proteins: synthesis and modification ribosomal protein bL32 (TIGR01031; HMM-score: 97.1)
    and 3 more
    Genetic information processing Mobile and extrachromosomal element functions Prophage functions phage/conjugal plasmid C-4 type zinc finger protein, TraR family (TIGR02419; HMM-score: 13.3)
    Signal transduction Regulatory functions DNA interactions putative regulatory protein, FmdB family (TIGR02605; HMM-score: 13.2)
    YgiT-type zinc finger domain (TIGR03831; HMM-score: 11.9)
  • TheSEED  :
    • LSU ribosomal protein L32p
    • LSU ribosomal protein L32p, zinc-dependent
    Protein Metabolism Protein biosynthesis Ribosome LSU bacterial  LSU ribosomal protein L32p
  • PFAM:
    Zn_Beta_Ribbon (CL0167) Ribosomal_L32p; Ribosomal L32p protein family (PF01783; HMM-score: 96.1)
    and 13 more
    zf-ribbon_3; zinc-ribbon domain (PF13248; HMM-score: 20.5)
    DZR; Double zinc ribbon (PF12773; HMM-score: 19.1)
    zinc_ribbon_2; zinc-ribbon domain (PF13240; HMM-score: 17.4)
    no clan defined HypA; Hydrogenase/urease nickel incorporation, metallochaperone, hypA (PF01155; HMM-score: 17)
    Zn_Beta_Ribbon (CL0167) Zn-ribbon_8; Zinc ribbon domain (PF09723; HMM-score: 16)
    no clan defined zf-tcix; Putative treble-clef, zinc-finger, Zn-binding (PF14952; HMM-score: 14.5)
    Nop10p; Nucleolar RNA-binding protein, Nop10p family (PF04135; HMM-score: 14.3)
    PFL-like (CL0339) NRDD; Anaerobic ribonucleoside-triphosphate reductase (PF13597; HMM-score: 12.7)
    Zn_Beta_Ribbon (CL0167) TF_Zn_Ribbon; TFIIB zinc-binding (PF08271; HMM-score: 12.1)
    no clan defined PolC_DP2; DNA polymerase II large subunit DP2 (PF03833; HMM-score: 10.5)
    zinc_ribbon_6; Zinc-ribbon (PF14599; HMM-score: 10.4)
    Zn_Beta_Ribbon (CL0167) Prim_Zn_Ribbon; Zinc-binding domain of primase-helicase (PF08273; HMM-score: 7.3)
    DUF1610; Domain of unknown function (DUF1610) (PF07754; HMM-score: 6.5)

Structure, modifications & cofactors[edit | edit source]

  • domains:
  • modifications:
  • cofactors:
  • effectors:

Localization[edit | edit source]

  • PSORTb: Cytoplasmic
    • Cytoplasmic Score: 10
    • Cytoplasmic Membrane Score: 0
    • Cellwall Score: 0
    • Extracellular Score: 0
    • Internal Helices: 0
  • LocateP: Intracellular
    • Prediction by SwissProt Classification: Cytoplasmic
    • Pathway Prediction: No pathway
    • Intracellular possibility: 0.67
    • Signal peptide possibility: -0.5
    • N-terminally Anchored Score: 1
    • Predicted Cleavage Site: No CleavageSite
  • SignalP: no predicted signal peptide
    • SP(Sec/SPI): 0.295979
    • TAT(Tat/SPI): 0.014651
    • LIPO(Sec/SPII): 0.029993
  • predicted transmembrane helices (TMHMM): 0

Accession numbers[edit | edit source]

  • GI:
  • RefSeq:
  • UniProt: Q2FZF1 UniProt
  • STRING: 93061.SAOUHSC_01078 STRING

Protein sequence[edit | edit source]


Experimental data[edit | edit source]

  • experimentally validated:
  • protein localization: data available for COL
  • quantitative data / protein copy number per cell: data available for COL
  • interaction partners:

Expression & Regulation[edit | edit source]

Operon[edit | edit source]

Regulation[edit | edit source]

  • regulator:

Transcription pattern[edit | edit source]

Protein synthesis (provided by Aureolib)[edit | edit source]

Protein stability[edit | edit source]

  • half-life: no data available

Biological Material[edit | edit source]

Mutants[edit | edit source]

Expression vector[edit | edit source]

lacZ fusion[edit | edit source]

GFP fusion[edit | edit source]

two-hybrid system[edit | edit source]

FLAG-tag construct[edit | edit source]

Antibody[edit | edit source]

Other Information[edit | edit source]

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Literature[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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Relevant publications[edit | edit source]